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This calculator will give you the total cubic yards for footings and stem walls. Input values as stated. Assumes a concentric stem wall and footing (midline is same). Add factors are general, as is labor factor. This estimator is by no means perfect, it will provide an estimate to check actual estimates. The values and formula will solve for any closed polygonal plan. The values will be rounded up to nearest whole number.
Only modify fields with an * beside it.

Input Values

Building Perimeter (feet)*
Footing Width (inches)*
Footing Depth (inches)*
Stem Wall Height (feet)*
Stem Wall Width (inches)*
Footing CY
Stem Wall CY

Output Values

Cost per Cubic Yard * (include haul)
Total Footing (including 12% add factor)
Total Stem Wall (including 8% waste factor)
Total Cubic Yards
Material Cost
Labor & Rebar Cost
Total Concrete Cost

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