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  1. Hummidity
  2. Seeking help for article
  4. Urgent advice required!
  5. Building a retaining wall with a 6' fence on top of it
  6. New construction technology from Russia - Myth or reality?
  7. cinder block wall
  8. Will a framing nail gun work on concrete?
  9. Light Weight Construction Needed
  10. Raising a Cinder Block Wall
  11. Finishing a basement...
  12. what product to use for sheathing?
  13. :?: basement insulation & framing question...
  14. Basement HVAC question
  15. no "mud sill" !
  16. Dormer help
  17. Tips Index
  18. Fence type?
  19. Seeking creative solution for interior door
  20. sistering floor joists
  21. Which window to pick?
  22. ?'s - "Pointing Up" a brick wall, cracked lentil
  23. Drywall and Dewalt cut-out tool?
  24. Shelving Help.
  25. Sill Plate Damaged
  26. epoxy garage floor
  27. House Ventilation
  28. Drywall help.
  29. Home Repair Forum
  30. concrete wall not level, help!!!
  31. Bath Tub Leaks
  32. About water getting into basement on rainy days
  33. anchoring a wood fence to a garage
  34. kitchen bathroom remodel
  35. code for basement finish
  36. Insulation
  37. Dormer (roof style)
  38. Concrete slab foundation wet?
  39. Exterior Wall support?
  40. Cabinet crown molding installation and non-level ceilings
  41. Potential Problem??
  42. Joint compound skim coat???
  43. joint tape..paper vs. mesh
  44. My version of the attic insulation question...
  45. Basement Subfloor & Radiant Heat
  46. Help with a truss roof
  47. floor strength
  48. Hi all... question on DIY floor framing
  49. Cinder Block Wall: 4x8x16 block
  50. Replacement windows
  51. T1-11 siding
  52. Wood Retaining Wall
  53. making holes in plaster
  54. Simple framing question
  55. new home upgrades/repairs
  56. Best ROI?
  57. request for recommendation: tile and grout sealant
  58. How do I vertically level a basement 2/4 studwall?
  59. Which comes first?
  60. usage for used slate shingles
  61. Plaster Ceiling Defects
  62. varathane/urethane question
  63. concret on concrete
  64. outdoor fireplace
  65. Attic insulation product choices
  66. Conceiling the remains of a bathroom
  67. Putting up new wallboard against existing fireplac
  68. Complete renovation of bathrrom..need to replace piping
  69. Repairing drywall
  70. Cracks in Slab
  71. Deck replacement leads to rot
  72. Installing quarter round
  73. Water damage to wall
  74. footing
  75. Bathroom Storage
  76. Walls on a chimney
  77. walk in close
  78. Would you rip this out?
  79. Closet wall load bearing?
  80. Replacing siding - should I replace the biltrite?
  81. Patio/Foundation Damage
  82. Insulation question for older home
  83. what type of bit would work in my dremel?
  84. Metal or Plastic?
  86. Sill plate rot on 130 year old Victorian
  87. Securing an interior soffit
  88. Basement issues (i.e. water management)
  89. Help with Garage Kit.
  90. Free service for estimation of your Internet advertisement
  91. Water in crawl space
  92. Cracked slab - what to do?
  93. Tool Leash
  94. Crown Molding...DIY or hire?
  95. Louisiana Pacific Siding
  96. Who is responsible?
  97. preparation for selling an older home
  98. digging in backyard to repair a drain pipe
  99. Whole House Ventillation
  100. Front porch repair
  101. wood basement
  102. Leaky Shower Head
  103. How do you seal wood frame against metal frame?
  104. wood soil contact problem
  105. Window replacement/repair question
  106. Which Ceiling Fan for Shed???
  107. foundation construction...should I attempt it?
  108. constructing fence--on concrete driveway
  109. Shingling a valley......Right way
  110. Determing if a wall is load bearing
  111. Help with wallpaper removal/drywall repair!!
  112. Attaching Single Story Addition to Old Brick House
  113. Exposed Beam Ceiling
  114. Hardwood indentation...HELP!!!
  115. Cedar Shakes & Flashing
  116. Blemish on a White Wall
  117. equipment needed to install gravel driveway
  118. Green board paper peeling off in shower--fix versus replace?
  119. DIY Garage ... Help
  120. Cathedral ceiling, no eaves
  121. Deck Construction
  122. HELP! SOLUTION needed for unsightly Warehouse Ceiling
  123. Problem building deck that is low to cement patio ground
  124. What kind of house is this? and improvement
  125. suitable materials?
  126. oilstone oil
  127. Pour a garage slab 30x30 myself?
  128. Porch Posts
  129. New Concrete Piers Repair
  130. dishwasher drain connection
  131. Cabled Roof Truss
  132. Flashing, trim & sill for through-the-wall A/C in stucco
  133. Sun Porch Support Posts
  134. Regraveling a driveway
  135. My Old House
  136. building an underground building.
  137. Low profile privacy fence; Gate braces
  138. Streaks on garage drywall/sheetrock
  139. Interior Doors: left hand vs. right hand
  140. Wallpaper, Plaster and Paint nightmare - need help
  141. pavers
  142. Cutting Pipe for Roughed in Bathroom, best method?
  143. Moving Basment Posts/Columns
  144. Heating choices....Help?
  145. tar paper under vinyl siding
  146. Insulation for raised floor over slab
  147. Attic Ventilation With Closed Cornice Construction
  148. pvc pipe or iron cast pipe?
  149. New townhouse, what are the pipes?
  150. Red Brick in my 24" setback - will rain water absorb?
  151. How to attach a beam for an Elevated Deck w/ steel 4x4 posts
  152. How far can a dishwasher pump?
  153. Studs against concrete
  154. NEW GARAGE: Best wall height?
  155. hardiboard siding on log home
  156. Looking for an Ibeam around St. Louis
  157. Cedar siding rotting against deck
  158. Help me with a diy gravel driveway(updated 8-19)
  159. Help with Hurricane damaged roof
  160. Bathroom ceiling collapsed
  161. Drywall Installation
  162. What is T1-11 siding?
  163. suggestions for water softner
  164. Magnetic paint
  165. Log walls in an old house
  166. When to give up on cedar siding?
  167. Posts on newly poured slab?
  168. Help with a concrete slab
  169. Plaster Ceilings, ripped paper + cracks
  170. IDEAS?? Concrete Driveway: The crack that comes back!!!
  171. Vinyl Siding repair...
  172. Water in Crawl Space
  173. Converting a single story ranch to a cape cod style
  174. Tree Roots in My Sump Pump Crock/Drain Tile
  175. Exterior waterproofed basement, do I need waterproof inside
  176. Ground level deck
  177. Anybody ever use the shed kits?
  178. Guys, need your professional e-pinion
  179. Laundry Chute
  180. Opinions needed:)
  181. new roof
  182. insulating attic space
  183. help building a shed door
  184. Natural Stone Wall, Deadmen needed?
  185. Pole Barns
  186. water damage and insurance companies
  187. Building Sun Room
  188. How do I determine how much my floor can support?
  189. stairs to the basement
  190. vinyl J channel & corner mold to close.
  191. Building screen porch over deck
  192. Troubleshoot a leaking roof?
  193. Plaster ceiling questions
  194. Flashing around masonry
  195. Julliette Balcony Support
  196. Slope of a flat roof, shed
  197. simulated stone vinyl siding
  198. Moving a garage
  199. Drywall - Cornerbeads
  200. wide weatherstripping?
  201. Wrong toilet installed in my apartment.
  202. Drywall on Ceiling
  203. here to give you help with roofing damage from the hurricane
  204. Basement Finishing Newbie
  205. attic insulation @ chimney
  206. Putting a bathroom in the Basement
  207. leaky windows
  208. Plaster repair
  209. Installing soffit. Fascia not level..
  210. Furnace in Garage?
  211. Which Joint Compound to use
  212. How finished is finished?
  213. Water in basement.
  214. What lube should I use on forms
  215. Drywall - Blending butt joint into flat joints
  216. Please help settle an arguement (about placing a header)
  217. wall covering
  218. Wet wall (drywall mold)
  219. Foundation Cost
  220. What the heck is this in my basement!
  221. Leaking Tub
  222. flexible copper lines
  223. Epoxy anchors & drilling concrete
  224. Help Choosing Tools
  226. Changing exterior door swing
  227. Garage door header
  228. Drywall question
  229. Did I screw up?
  230. vinyl flooring on concrete...
  231. Wood siding overlap?
  232. Using rigid foam insulation in basement.
  233. Caulk for wood bevel siding
  234. Coved Ceiling Drywall?
  235. Sparing Decorative Columns when converting porch to sun room
  236. interior wall sound deadening
  237. Preparing ceiling for drywall
  238. Crawlspace insulation question
  239. getting rid of mold
  240. Permitting
  241. Electrical Service to Detached Garage...
  242. Formica Counter over old Formica counter?
  243. Leaky Windows Take 2
  244. Ballpark cost of converting garage to living space....
  245. Leveling floor when finishing basement.
  246. good or nice
  247. Attach Insulation/Sheetrock to Block
  248. Cedar siding
  249. is it mold?
  250. Concrete wall falls over on steep slope, how to break it up?