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  1. roofing job
  2. Roofing job
  3. The Recruiting Authority
  4. Roofing from the top down?
  5. Where to flash?
  6. how to attach porch to roof?
  7. How to construct a false eyebrow dormer
  8. osb vs ply
  9. What's your favorite shingle?
  10. selling the premium upgrade
  11. I need to make or get plans to constuct a roof / deck
  12. pricing wood replacement
  13. Framing Porch Roof on top of existing gable roof.
  14. I want to cut the bottom cord of a truss!!!
  15. 12:12 Pitch I need a plan
  16. Not rocket science
  17. Replacing Metal Roof
  18. Concrete Tile installed without felt paper?
  19. Development top-down method of underground construction
  20. Insulating rafters
  21. Homeowner with Temporary Roof Blown Off in High Winds
  22. Gutter Flashing
  23. How long does a concrete tile roof last?
  24. can I fix an unsupported roof with bowed walls?
  25. Dining room addition with Porch.
  26. Question about the roof construction
  27. Bird Baths between truss cords
  28. 40 days 40 nights
  29. toenail or use brackets to attach truss to top plate?
  30. Converting to a vaulted ceiling
  31. How do I figure Ridge Board Height?
  32. Are we geting ripped off?
  33. Lookout Rafters
  34. Setting Trusses
  35. rain gutters for concrete tile roofs
  36. gambrel roof angles
  37. Roofing a Gambrel roof
  38. Copper roof in Iowa
  39. Ice daming
  40. Cement Tile
  41. Framing the Gable Roof Truss Overhang?
  42. Help attaching shed roof to side of home
  43. Roof Angles
  44. Premolded corners?
  45. Ladder Framing Gable End overhangs
  46. Multi pitch roof framing
  47. Copper Cupola Replacement
  48. gutters on angled fascia
  49. Installing roof/gutter de-ice cable
  50. How do I attach a shed roof to an existing gable roof?
  51. What Shingles Are These?
  52. Is my new roof flawed?
  53. New Porch Roof
  54. Additional Porch Question
  55. How to sheath roof?
  56. Sheathing
  57. cost of roof and full shed dormer
  58. sante fe roof....no roof....costly?
  59. Gable overhang
  60. poor ventilation advice
  61. engineering/structure question
  62. extending roof for room addition off gable end
  63. rafter question
  64. Plywood roof sheathing bowing up between trusses. HELP!
  65. Help me find the rafter length
  66. Having conflict with roofer about sheathing
  67. 2 story gambrel roof
  68. Truss sheathing help needed
  69. Sheeting for Porch truss transition from main structure
  70. Attaching shed roof to T1-11 siding
  71. Comparing 2X12 and steel I beam
  72. Lumber size for adding a blind valley gable roof
  73. Question about trusses/lookouts/etc...
  74. Ballpark figure
  75. Roof sheating, span ratings, boca 96
  77. Spacing studs and trusses
  78. Built-In Gutters
  79. Roof pitch vs. Ridge beam
  80. Roofing nails
  81. Adding dormer to attic truss
  82. Skylight on galvanized roofing
  83. Roof Trusses
  84. Tile roof, roof trusses
  85. ice guard and flashing
  86. Roof Sheathing
  87. reroofing over metal
  88. Shingle and drip edge questions
  89. wind clips
  90. How to frame addition roof on eave side
  91. ceiling joists on a hip roof
  92. Installing 5V Metal Roofing
  93. Metal Roof Screw Spacing
  94. roof pitch
  95. Nails Sticking Out of Wood
  96. Adding dormers
  97. Screen Porch Roof
  98. roofing books?
  99. roof edge construction technique
  100. Looking for truss info
  101. Kneewall Bracing?
  102. fake ceilings
  103. 40' span on shed style roof trusses
  104. supporting cathedral cieling
  105. Porch roof
  106. Building a Gable Roof over existing Deck.
  107. Shed Roof: Shingling Ridge
  108. Truss Info/Prices?
  109. Price for a roof installation?
  110. 6/12 roof pitch
  111. roof tie in
  112. methods of shingling
  113. Uneven roof tie-in problems
  114. waterproofing a second floor outside deck
  115. Large Patio Cover in Exposed Beams
  116. sheathing - 5ply versus 3 ply
  117. attic exhaust vents
  118. Roof Jack installation on a 2 layered compo shingle roof
  119. truss spacing
  120. More Ridge Beam Fun
  121. 2/12 pitch on screen porch roof
  122. Another Sheathing Question
  124. vaulted ceiling conversion
  125. New 8/12 over 4/12 Want to make my own trusses
  126. roof pitch
  127. Tearing off flat roof
  128. Hand Framing Stairwell Opening
  129. Lean-to shed roof - attaching to house with t1-11
  130. Roof pitch and materials - 15 degrees
  131. Boxing Questions
  132. Roof at different pitch
  133. Gable end soffit support? scabed on!
  134. osb weather exposure
  135. studs and trusses
  136. More on screen porch roofs....
  137. Hurricane ties
  138. Gable Truss Not Drop
  139. Fascia - Rafter tail fit question
  140. Shingle Expert Opinion Needed
  141. A good architect website, suggest you to see it!
  142. purlins
  143. calculating valley length
  144. Shed roof construction
  145. I dont want to fall off of the roof
  146. Shed dormer on modular 28x32 cape. Need help, pics inside
  147. Does anyone have a roof template?
  148. Sealing seam on hip roof joint in new metal 5v roofing?
  149. Chimney Cricket
  150. screwey roof design
  151. Fascia/ Soffit fit question
  152. Was this common?
  153. Ridge Beam Design & Span
  154. flat roof framing question
  155. Sheathing Roof
  156. simpson strong ties in hip roof
  157. Roof Question
  158. No Decking Underneath My Shingles??????
  159. Screen Porch Roof Question
  160. when to use a ridge board
  162. Roof construction
  163. Vaulted ceiling w/ hip roof?
  164. Hip Roof with reduced pitch at perimeter = Pagoda?
  165. Exposed Rafter Tail Style Details
  166. Metal roof: Purlins or Sheathing?
  167. attaching a "flat" roof porch to a ranch
  168. Need roof design help/comments.
  169. extending gable 6 feet over porch
  170. Testing in preparation for posting roof pix...
  171. Fair price & billing question
  172. New Construction Roofing
  173. raising ridge back up, walls pushed out
  174. Need advice on reroofing old porch
  175. Making a roof hurricane,tornado proof?
  176. How close can a vent pipe be to a valley?
  177. Rookie builder here and need advice on ridge beam.
  178. Felt paper on roof question
  179. Roof is driving me nuts
  180. what saw to use to cut birdsmouths
  181. fixing a flashing problem
  182. span
  183. Can I add eaves to my non-eaved house?
  184. Flashing where shed roof meets siding
  185. insulating a metal roof
  186. How do I figure the pitch of my existing roof?
  187. Replacing roof on older home: concerns and questions
  188. Name for Roof that flares out at eaves ?
  189. Roof Issues
  190. Pix posted of porch roof - ideas?...
  191. Securing Hurricane Ties and Trusses
  192. Concrete Roof Heating Insulation Needed Urgently
  193. Fascia and soffit question
  194. osb for roof?
  195. Counter flashing around brick front bay window
  196. OSB H clips on Roof
  197. size plywood?
  198. OSB vs PLY (I want your opinion)
  199. Topping out metal valleys
  200. foam board insul. on roof????
  201. hip roof meets vertical wall - asphalt shingling
  202. central florida roofing needs just ask
  203. Soffit and Fascia dilemma-still!
  204. Metal Gambrel roof? (How to)
  205. How to frame a walkup attic with roof trusses
  206. collar-tie requirements
  207. Roof damage after the recent hurricanes
  208. It's me again- sheathing questions and more..
  209. Cricket & Masonry Chimney
  210. Felt the whole roof?
  211. screw my roof!!
  212. Sheathing thickness
  214. Skilsaw HD77?
  215. adding new roof constr to old roofline at 90 degs
  217. Framing the roof or buy trusses?
  218. Step Flashing & Counter Flashing
  219. how long will the rafters be?
  220. cutting rafters
  221. addition with shed roof
  222. Metal roofing flashing
  223. Ceiling joist, roof rafter layout
  224. Roof bracing
  225. mansard roof
  226. Tarp Roof If Not Shingling Right Away?
  227. osb roof sheathing
  228. collar ties..
  229. Need Roof Advice
  230. "Alien" Roof Truss Nightmare...
  231. splicing ceiling joists
  232. Water seal on osb shed roof
  233. ridge board/beam
  234. Moisture guard type roofing material
  235. The weight of a nail
  236. Venting a roof
  237. Uneven Roof Rafters / Ceiling Joists
  238. Frieze block question
  239. Collar ties - how high?
  240. Rain Diverter
  241. Is it too late to install a roof in NE Penna now?
  242. Hiring framing contractor...1/2 down before work?
  243. Rafters Separating from Ridge Beam - How to Fix?
  244. Venting a metal roof????
  245. It's raining and I didnt finish tar paper on roof
  246. Putting a peaked roof on a flat roof garage.
  247. Choose Typar over regular felt?
  248. How do you roof a balcony floor??
  249. raising a kitchen ceiling
  250. Size of ceiling joists?